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The artwork of Sevan Garo Nigogosian intricately weaves together threads of personal history, cultural heritage, and existential inquiry, creating a rich tapestry that speaks to the complexities of the human experience. As an artist of Armenian descent, with family members who survived the genocide, Sevan draws upon the resilience and endurance of his ancestors, infusing his work with a profound sense of collective memory and inherited trauma.

Hailing from Wales, a land often considered England’s first colony, Sevan’s identity is shaped by the juxtaposition of belonging and otherness, rootedness and displacement. His sculptures and installations serve as contemplative spaces where these tensions are explored, inviting viewers to confront their own sense of place and belonging in an ever-changing world.

Through his art, Sevan delves into themes of socio-economic power structures, environmentalism, and the existential quest for meaning. His work transcends the boundaries of traditional artistic mediums, blurring the lines between poetry and rhetoric, the surreal and the satirical. Each piece is a meditation on the human condition, offering a poignant reflection on the complexities of our shared existence.

Sevan Garo’s artwork exemplifies a rigorous engagement with the thematic of landscape and the human condition rooted in heritage.



2023 – Dubai Gala and charity fund raiser

2023 – Flackstock Fundraiser

2023 – COAF – New York City

2022 – Clarendon Fine Art, Mayfair London

2020 – Paris Fashion Week

2020 – London Fashion Week

2020 – Geneva SeedSpace – Switzerland

2019 – Paris Fashion Week, Paris
2019 – London Fashion Week, London
2017 – CALX CREO, Bocs, Wales
2016 – Thompsons Gallery, London
2015 – Glacier Works, Galeri Caernarfon, Wales
2015 – Deconstructed Landscapes, Hamburg, Germany
2015 – CALX CREO, Oriel Mon, Wales
2014 – Your Engagement has Consequences, Billy Town, The Hague, Holland 2014 – CALX CREO, Bryn Eglwys 3, Wales
2014 – CALX CREO, Ucheldre Centre, Holyhead, Wales
2013 – MA Final Show, Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston, London
2013 – Way with Words, Artist talk, Galeri Caernarfon, Wales
2013 – TRICOLORE, Galeri Caernarfon, Wales

2013 – Salon Mashup: Displacement + Regeneration, Basement tunnels of Shoreditch Town Hall, London 2012 – ARTHAUS, DegreeART, Vyner Street, London
2012 – White Wash Gallery, Wales
2011 – Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London

2011 – London Bridge Private Charity Event, London
2011 – Oriel Betws Y Coed, Wales
2010 – Feast for the Eyes, Royal Cambrian Academy, Conwy, Wales
2010 – Royal Cambrian Academy, Conwy, Wales
2010 – Royal Cambrian Academy, Conwy, Wales
2010 – Summer Show, Royal Cambrian Academy, Conwy, Wales
2009 – Face It, The Foundry, London
2009 – Bocs – Oriel Dafydd Hardy Gallery, Caernarfon, Wales
2009 – Bocs- Oriel Dafydd Hardy Gallery, Members exhibition, Caernarfon, Wales 2009 – Opening Exhibition, Red House Gallery, Cardiff, Wales
2008 – New Wave Exhibition, Bute Space Gallery Bay, Cardiff, Wales
2008 – Opening Exhibition, Triptych Cardiff, Cardiff, Wales
2008 – Summer Show, Bute Space Gallery Bay, Cardiff Bay, Wales
2008 – Artists of Anglesey Summer Show, Ucheldre Centre, Anglesey, Wales 2008- Open Studios, Artist of Anglesey Show, Wales
2008 – Solo Show, Snails Gallery, Cardiff, Wales
2007 – Print Making Exhibition, Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales
2006 – Print Making Exhibition, Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales
2005 – Print Making Exhibition, Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales
2004 – Time Based Show, Cardiff University exhibition, Cardiff, Wales
2004 – Time Based Show, “Directions”, Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales
2004 – Time Based Show “Champagne Soul”, Cardiff University, Wales
2003 –End of Year exhibition, Parc Menai, Bangor, Wales